In the past year, UNICEF has been working with Bendu and thousands of others from Women’s Campaign International, women’s, youth, religious and community groups, and hundreds of community health volunteers in raising awareness on Ebola prevention, routine vaccination, and also on back to school messages. In May, we traveled an hour outside of Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, to Bong County where we spent the morning with Bendu. From the time she was in school, even her classmates knew she was a leader. Her life has been affected by war, poverty and an Ebola endemic. In spite of these challenges, she’s never given up. Instead, she looked for ways to improve herself and the community around her. 

The goal was to capture her role as a leader in her community. On the day we met up with her to film, she was having women come to her house for social mobilization training. Before she started the meeting, we filmed her with her family and later conducted an interview. Afterwords, we documented her as she engaged with the women during the workshop. 

The result was a short video that tells Bendu’s story that will be used online for UNICEF and Women’s Campaign International. 

Client: UNICEF
Location: Liberia
Cinematography: Sarah Grile
Editing: Sarah Grile
Music: "Lonesome" by Podington Bear and "The Time To Run (Finale)" by Dexter Britain