CARE wanted a film following Senator Coons (D-Delaware) on a learning tour to India to explain how the small percentage of the U.S. budget that goes toward investments in global development is making a huge difference in millions of lives every year by addressing the root causes of poverty, decreasing dependency, and building stronger, more resilient societies (for a safer world). Senator Coons visited a community in Bihar, India to meet with a community health worker who provides mothers with health education and services. We traveled there in advance to interview Nidhi Singh, a new mother, and her healthcare worker, Annpurna. Then, we interviewed Senator Coons after the trip to find out what he learned. 

"There is a deeply mistaken belief by many in America that our investments, our spending on foreign assistance, is wasted. That it's not appreciated, that it doesn't have an impact, that it doesn't contribute to our prosperity or our security... US foreign assistance matters now more than ever. When we are confronted by real challenges in the world, by fragile and failed states, by the threat of terrorism and instability, we have to invest in stabilizing and developing countries where our military has helped make real progress, or where we don't want countries that are currently fragile to tip over into being failed states. We have to have assistance as part of our strategy." 

- Senator Coons

Location: Bihar, India
Client: CARE